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Get Our Content Marketing Planning Template

Learn how to use buyer personas and lifecycle stages to create targeted content.

Inbound Marketing, aka Content Marketing, is fantastic at creating repeatable traffic to your website. The traffic that a sound content marketing strategy brings is targeted traffic, highly attuned to your content, and therefore to your product or service.

To attract targeted traffic, you have to create targeted content, including offers, blog posts, articles, white papers, ebooks and templates. Downloadable offers, when combined with a strong search strategy, attracts qualified visitors who will, in turn, become qualified leads and customers. If you need strong traffic, a strong leads pipeline and increased sales, you need a strong content marketing strategy.

But juggling all of pieces of a content strategy can be daunting. You need forms, content, images, and offers, but then you have to make sure that all of the content maps to your marketing personas, revenue goals and KPIs.

And you have to deliver the right content to the right people, whereever they are in their part of the buying cycle. Leads who are researching a product need different content offers than people who are ready to buy. How do you keep it all together, targeting the right people with the right content at the right time?

You need a strong content marketing strategy, and we've made that just a bit easier with our content marketing planning template.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create buyer personas and map them to the right lifestyle cycle
  • Generate content that meets a felt need
  • Deliver a content marketing strategy without pulling out your hair
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