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Content Marketing & Web Design

A true content marketing strategy takes both the content you produce (blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks and infographics) and the delivery mechanism (your website) into account. Delivering either of these in a silo is a missed opportunity.

Content Marketing

  • Consistent, engaging content is like the salesperson that continues to deliver results. Day after day, he's explaining the need for your services, teaching users how to dig in deeper and creating evangelists.
  • Marketing automation moves the sale forward. Sales cycles are getting longer, and people drop off as interests evolve. Leads that are nurtured produce an average of 20% more sales opportunites.
  • With a compelling resource center, you can offer something of value to your prospects at every step of the sales cycle, moving them closer to purchase with each interaction. Read more

Web Design

  • There is great risk with web development. Even with adequate research informing the design, you may find that the website does not meet your needs only months after the web design is complete.
  • With Growth Driven Design, this risk is mitigated because development continues. Modeled after web development sprints at enterprise tech companies, GDD uses an agile model to quickly deliver an amazing site.
  • The result is a site that is tested, improved upon and optimized as the data comes in. Additional functionality, like API integrations, calculators and other interactive content can be added to the backlog, making the user experience unparalleled. Read more

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