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We are an agency made up of the absolute rock stars in content marketing, responsive web design, startup user acquisition & B2B lead generation. Our founders and staff have decades of experience building gorgeous, high performing websites and generating results for brands.

Content Marketing

Lots of people can do content marketing - but very few can approach it from a position of creativity and experience.

The leadership of Mariposa has been marketing through content since the beginning of the indexed web.

Responsive Web Design

A website doesn't have to be drab to earn a spot at the top of the search engine pages.

Our customers enjoy responsive websites that are both beautiful and SEO friendly. Designing with display in mind is vital - both Google and your customers love responsive web design.

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Grab Our Content Marketing Resources

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The Content Mapping Template

Learn how to use buyer personas and life-cycle stages to create targeted content. This template will jump-start your marketing efforts by allowing you to skip the initial steps and dive straight into brainstorming.

Our Editorial Calendar Template

A good editorial calender is a powerful ally.

With this handy template at your disposal, you'll be scheduling your content with efficiency and ease in no time at all.

The Guide to Growth Driven Design

By building fast, testing, and iterating on that first design until we have a website that converts like a machine, results come fast and performance is reliable.

How to Create Buyer Personas

With these templates you can create buyer personas that are concise, robust and aligned to your marketing goals.

Already got a website?

We'll assess it for free and give you some pointers on how to get your brand off the starting line!


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Experience You Can Depend On

Companies like Yahoo, Mozilla, Facebook, and Cisco rely on Mariposa because we understand where the web started, and where it's going.