The Creative Team at Mariposa

A team of journalists, hackers, designers and salespeople, sharing ideas, creating campaigns and knocking it out of the park. We love what we do.

Team Mariposa

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Robyn Tippins

CEO, Co-Founder -- The Decider

Robyn has been managing online communities for 20 years, starting at AOL in the mid-90s. She launched her first startup in 1998, funded only by her 'hopes and dreams' (idealism FTW).

Driving over $28k of revenue in month one, she quickly discovered the potential that Content Marketing had for driving revenue.

Her book, Community 101, is a primer for online community managers, and she authored and taught the inaugural Community Certification program at GetSatisfaction. Prior to marketing for Yahoo, Current TV and ReadWriteWeb, she consulted for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including Intel, MTV, Fleishman Hillard, Behr Paints and AT&T.

Wynne Phillips

Content Lead

Wynne leads Content Management for Mariposa. The queen of the editorial calendar, Wynne keeps the content flowing and is the power behind the lead generation machine. From eBooks to blog posts, if it's built with words, Wynne had a hand in it.

Between coming up with compelling content ideas, assigning them to our writing staff and putting her discerning eye on every word that goes out, Wynne is a master of organization.

She is in charge of Pictionary Hour (2p EST) here at Mariposa and is a mad hatter (she knits hats, compulsively). Wynne is an award winning journalist and holds a BS in Writing and Linguistics.

Brendon Folsom

Development Lead

Brendon oversees the technical team at Mariposa. Leading web development efforts, Brendon manages a team of developers focused on building and maintaining Mariposa's web apps. He also manages technical integrations, oversees SEO efforts and streamlines metrics/reporting for our clients.

While we don't let Brendon pick images (quirky sense of humor), there's no one else we would let near our codebase. A master of both backend and frontend development (full-stack), strong on APIs and integrations and well-versed in the annoying If/Thens of a complex automation workflow, he's an incredibly versatile and resourceful developer.

A true unicorn, he's also a talented writer who contributes content for our blog as well as several of our technical clients when inspiration strikes. Brendon holds a BS in English and a Doctorate in 'Get it Done'.

Karen Blackburn

Director of Accounts

Karen leads the accounts team at Mariposa. Our most experienced employee, she has over 30 years experience in sales, starting as a door to door salesperson at 18 years old (when she showed up, you bought the magazines). She's tenacious, bold -- and endearingly kind. For both sales and client contact, Karen is unmatched.

The unsung hero of our marketing efforts, Karen reminds us to look at our work through the eyes of the customer. Bringing thought provoking questions to the forefront, we are stronger marketers due to our keeping our sales director deeply involved in marketing campaigns.

As our Director of Accounts, Karen spends her days meeting new people, catching up with current clients and adding her sales insights to our strategy meetings. Prim and proper, and oft accompanied by her 4 lb puppy, Sasha, Karen will charm you from the first moment.

Chelsey Fox

Distribution Specialist

Chelsey oversees the distribution of content at Mariposa. Leading social media and content sharing efforts, Chelsey loves to get our clients noticed, liked, followed, and retweeted- then turning all of that into verifiable customers. She also loves to jump in and write some of the content herself when she gets the chance.

Chelsey is also a talented marketer and her input on client strategy is invalueble.

Chelsey holds a Bachelor's in Communication, a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and plenty of HubSpot Certifications, as well.

Chelsey lives in Fort Myers, Florida with her two sons. When she isn't delivering remarkable results for our clients, you can find her at the little league field passing out snacks, obsessing over Game of Thrones fan theories, or watching football.

Random Facts about Our Small Town

Fruitcake Capital of the World

In operation since the early 20th Century, the dueling fruitcake companies in Claxton boast the finest examples of this holiday staple -- and they do a tremendous business worldwide.

The Heart of the South

The charming town of Claxton is about an hour West of Savannah, and within driving distance of Atlanta. With Southern charm to spare, and cooking to die for, it was an obvious choice to house Mariposa.

Bootstrapping in a Small Town

When you're bootstrapping a startup, finding an affordable space with plenty of local charm is a must to attract top-notch talent. In Claxton, we're able to generate world class work without the overhead of a major city office -- and the savings is passed to our clients.

Why us?

Content that Resonates

Our skilled team of writers create helpful and interesting content for your target audience.

To achieve this, we practice persona crafting, keyword research, and take all the time that is necessary to learn your company's unique voice.

Social Media that Inspires

We create targeted, interesting content that delights your audience, making engagement and sharing a piece of cake.

Social Media should be fun and informative -- and that's what we do.

Responsive Design

Lots of people can do content marketing - but very few can approach it from a position of creativity and experience.

The leadership of Mariposa has been marketing through content since the beginning of the indexed web.

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