Editorial Calendar

A good editorial calendar is a powerful ally

Download the Editorial Calendar we use for our own clients

Inbound Marketing, aka Content Marketing, is fantastic at generating repeatable traffic to your website. That traffic can turn into leads which can be turned into clients. An editorial calender can help keep the content planning (that which drives the traffic, leads and clients), organized and on schedule for your business.

An editorial calendar is a document that we use to manage multiple content marketing campaigns and clients, with specialized headings that allow you to see where you are in each campaign, at a glance. Keeping track of them in this manner allows you to see your planning and statuses in one easy to understand document. Save it in a shared folder or add it to Google Docs for easy sharing/updating among colleagues.

Here at Mariposa, we use this exact editorial calender to craft content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns for clients as large as Yahoo and as small as a local mom and pop bakery. This calendar comes with tabs for multiple clients or campaigns, sections for keywords and topics, and instructions in case you need a hand.

Please reach out if you run into problems with the document. We're happy to help!

Get a copy of our template: