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You might know that you could write blogs for search engine optimization for your company. But there are so many components that search engines look at. How do you know which ones are most important and how to target them in your posts?

We took the liberty of jotting down a list of how to optimize your posts for search engines to get as many leads as possible for your business. Let’s SEO these posts!

  • Is your title clear and under 70 character? Did you remember to put a keyword in there?

  • Are there pictures in your post? Do your images have Alt Text? Your readers will find the pictures visually appealing while the alt text makes the image clear to search engines.

  • Did you include keywords you want to rank for? For one blog post, refrain from using a keword more than five or six times, though.

  • Do you have a meta description that is less than 150 characters with a keyword or two?

  • Did you link to another page in your post (preferably another page on your website or blog page?)

  • Does your post have a call-to-action? This carries your reader further into your site and takes them through pages that will turn them into leads.

tips for writing blogs

Other Tips for Writing Blogs

  • Keep your writing clear and informative but not boring to engage readers and have them coming back for more.

  • Share your blogs on social media to get the posts out there.

  • Have fun with your content. It doesn’t have to be a post about exactly what your business is involved with every time.

Making sure you have these things that search engines look for is a good way to optimize your posts to get them out there. You’re more likely to see results sooner if you optimize your content to make it easier for search engines and others to come across.

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